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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching Coconut

Ok, this is it! Today is the day I catch that little rabbit! She got loose in the basement and has been hiding behind boxes and under things for about three weeks now. She comes out to eat but every time I get near her to put her back in the cage she dashes away. There is never any hope of catching her because I cannot fit in-between five boxes and a pile of DVDs that are mashed up against some old exercise equipment and random bags of clothing. Any attempts to move such obstacles only resulted in her hiding to the place I moved them so moving obstacles back and forth only served to amuse the little rascal.

Today she made a mistake. Ha! She entered my office while I was gone. When I returned she was unable to escape before I cleverly....

...blocked the kitchen door (otherwise she would hide behind the stove for days - believe me I KNOW...

....closed the door to my bedroom. Ha! Little bunny you are trapped now!

Her response? Nyah Nyah Nyah Boo Boo! You can't catch me under the COUCH!

My response? Ha! I can move the couch.
Her response? Yah...because moving things around worked so well for you last time, He He He...

Well, fine! I will just tip the couch over so you can't hide under it!!!

Bunny says, "Fine! I will just pee on the floor so you step in it."
Me: "Well, thanks but I'm cleaning that up and now I got you!"

I am a fierce bunny. Don't even TRY to get near me. You may regret it.

Oh help! help! Let me out! How did this happen? How did you get me in here? Oh, come on. I am so cute! How can you resist these cute eyes and snuggly fur? Let me out! Pleeeeeaaaaase?

Ok, seriously! There HAS to be a way out of here!!!

Uh, psssst! Sweetie Pie, can you help me get out of here?

Maybe if I just sit here and look cute someone will let me out?

Don't worry coconut! I will chew us both out of this prison!!!

He he he...I will just sit here and wait, then. I won't be in here for long!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good-Bye to Two Bunny Friends

If you look at my sidebar I have a memorium set up for my bunny friends. Princess Lil was a good friend. We chatted on Facebook a lot. She was a sweet and rascally bunny. I will miss her. She passed over the rainbow bridge yesterday at noon. Ivy, another friend of mine passed yesterday as well. We will miss both of them! But I will not forget them. I am posting a memorial column to the right.

Not So Thrilled About....

OK, I LOVED the Renassaince Festival because so many people petted me and said I was cute and I got to get out of that darned house for a while. And Anna drew me a picture. But....I am not so thrilled that somehow along the way we managed to pick up a new bunny. I remember visiting them at the fair but I have no idea how one managed to make its way back home with us. I am sure my human could not be so crazy as to purchase another bunny or so daft as to believe I really wanted company only theory is that it somehow hitchhiked in my human's purse. That's what she gets for carrying such a big purse! Please tell me this new bunny is really ugly - isn't it? Awful dirty grey color like it fell in the mud and so much fur it just looks awful. Sad, that a bunny could be so ugly. I'm glad I am much cuter.

I Got My First Picture!!!

I went to the Renassaince Festival two days ago and a nice little girl named Anna drew me a picture! I am so excited. Nobody ever drew me a picture before!

Friday, June 12, 2009

He's Just THAT Into You by Sweetie Pie

I thought I would share some wisdom about men today...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rabbit Lovers in New Jersey?

If you live in NJ you HAVE to go visit my friends over at "For Bunny Sake Rabbit Rescue". My mama says they are the cutest little guys over there. She is a bit deluded - of course I am the cutest - but you can't go wrong with a bunny in any case so here they are:

For Bunny Sake:
Adoptable Bunnies:

Post a reply here if you adopt one. I want to know! And be sure to get your new bunny a Twitter page. Bunnies LOVE Twitter.

Hops & Bunny Kisses,
Sweetie Pie